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How to feel better – where to begin?

One of the first steps on your journey is to be kind and patient with yourself. Know that you are always doing the very best you can, given the circumstances, awareness, and the beliefs that you have. In fact, you have always done the best you could. This goes for everyone else, too, no matter what they did to you or to someone else – they were also doing the very best they could in that moment. Someone who hurts another being must be in a lot of pain themselves. When they hurt someone else, they are expressing their own inner pain, whether they know it or not. They don’t need more hatred or punishment, they need help with their own discord.

Another important step is to acknowledge that you have the power over how you feel – because no one else other than you is thinking your thoughts. What you think affects how you feel – and you can change your thoughts. I also believe that you attract what happens to you for a reason. Perhaps this seemingly difficult contrast is of value to you on your eternal path somehow? You learn, you grow, you change, you evolve because of everything you have been through.

The last step, which I think is one of the most important early steps, is to be willing to forgive. Forgive yourself, and forgive those who you feel have hurt you. Carrying around resentment and guilt only creates more suffering for you. By forgiving yourself and others, you let go of the pain and can finally begin to heal your body. And yes, the forgiving part is unconditional.

As a conclusion: How do you begin to feel better? Well, I believe that the core problem is how you feel about yourself, because it affects everything. So, begin by being kind to yourself! Forgive yourself, and be willing to start giving yourself love and compassion. Love can shed light even in the darkest of hearts and heal even the deepest of wounds. It all begins with your thoughts.


Chronic illness and the value of saying NO

When you don’t set clear, strong boundaries or practice saying NO – it will take its toll on your body. Maybe not right away, but it will slowly add up until something so strong hits your body, that you are forced to rest and question your way of living.

Thank your body for trying to keep you safe. Love your body for trying to protect you. And, honor your body by setting clear and strong boundaries. Allow yourself to heal by saing NO.

What you see isn’t always what is felt within

You can be successful at work, fit and strong, loved by your partner and your children – yet feel utterly exhausted, broken, and completely shattered on the inside. What you see isn’t always what is felt within.

Let forgivness, kindness and compassion be your guiding light out of the darkness

Those who laugh at your insecurities don’t even care about the darkness you had to go through – let them stare, let them laugh, and let them be. If they don’t care about you when you are at your weakest of points, they don’t deserve to walk in your glory when you rise. Forgive them without words and leave them be. Let forgiveness, kindness and compassion be your guiding light out of the darkness.

When spring arrives with its zest for life

When the warm winds of spring gently caress your cold skin, your frozen heart will finally begin to thaw. No winter lasts forever, no matter how dark and cold it might temporarily seem. Each season has its purpose. Just like the beautiful spring flower full of life, emerging from the once so frozen ground – it is time for you to live again.

Love yourself through it, one breath at a time

One of the most caring things you could do for yourself, is to be kinder to yourself. Allow yourself to feel as you feel, and love yourself through it. One breath at a time.

The beautiful relief you have been searching for

You can’t change what happened to you, however, you can begin to love yourself – and that is the beautiful relief you have been searching for.

How do you feel again?

Who stole the joy from your eyes, tore the passion from your lips, and ripped the very zest for life from your body?

Left with nothing but empty powerlessness and cold numbness within. How do you feel again? How do you get your joy, passion, and desire for life back?

Endlessly lost in that numb, frozen state – stuck in pause mode

Waiting patiently for life to begin to flow in my veins again. Forever wishing and praying that my heart will beat with joy once more. Wanting desperately to feel again, to care again – to want to live again. Endlessly lost in that numb, frozen state where my entire being is stuck in pause mode.