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What you see isn’t always what is felt within

You can be successful at work, fit and strong, loved by your partner and your children – yet feel utterly exhausted, broken, and completely shattered on the inside. What you see isn’t always what is felt within.

Love yourself through it, one breath at a time

One of the most caring things you could do for yourself, is to be kinder to yourself. Allow yourself to feel as you feel, and love yourself through it. One breath at a time.

The beautiful relief you have been searching for

You can’t change what happened to you, however, you can begin to love yourself – and that is the beautiful relief you have been searching for.

Let the rose rest

You can’t force a rose to bloom in the snowy winter when the ground is frozen. Let the rose rest. No matter how dark and cold the winter might seem, spring will eventually emerge with its warm, comforting winds. The sun will kiss the earth once again, and nature will come to life. Each season has its time, each season is equally valuable because it all contributes to the bigger picture.


You are making beautiful progress

When you feel weak, you are actually at your strongest of points. It takes strength to get back up when every inch of your body wants to give up. It takes strength to fight battles most people only dream about in nightmares. You are making beautiful progress